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Why is the completion rate dropping?

Why is the avg delivery time breaching SLA?

How to improve your fleet's utilization?

Where is the drop in ratings stemming from?

Why are your customers churning?

How pulsops solves it

Central Metric Store

A single store of truth on metrics and definitions, companywide

Observe critical metric movements, autonomously

Get notified when something is off with scheduled alerts and anomaly detection

One click root cause analysis

Attribute metric movements to the most granular combination of factors

In-built Solutions

Pre-built analysis templates for complex, high impact problems

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Zero engineering effort required


Connect your data sources

All major data warehouses supported


Setup your metrics

Use Pulsmetrics to get metrics with definitions relevant to your industry


Start getting insights!

Use pre-defined dashboard templates or design your own

Configure rule based alerts or subscibe to anomaly detection

Get weekly summary reports on all the metric that you are tracking

Toggle on recommendations for industry solutions and recommendations

Real challenges for fast moving businesses

“ Most of our time is spent in publishing these reports, not much in reviewing them. We have 70-80 reports being made daily. A solution such as pulsops gives us actionable insights, when and where we need them.”

Head of Control Tower

Last Mile Logistics firm

“ We need to have a streamlined way to get my raw data into consumable form by business and analytics teams in one place.”

Head of Analytics

Leading Services Marketplace

“Velocity and complexity of our delivery business demands a solution that observes our metrics across various levels of granularity, and tells us in time what is moving our business.”


Food and Grocery delivery company

“Business users doesn’t know SQL, so they keep bombarding my team with requests. This is not scalable. Self serve, one click analytics is what my team needs.”

Head of Analytics

Grocery delivery company

“We can’t hire enough data analysts, scientists and engineers to keep pace with our growth rate. pulsops off the shelf industry solutions helps us reduce time to value to a few days.”

P&L Lead

3rd Party Logistics firm

Are you tracking the right metrics for
your business?

% Orders delivered in promised Time

Total percentage of orders that were delivered within the promised SLA to the user. The completion rate is the percent of deliveries complete out of the 100 most recent delivery opportunities you accept.


Ratio of Weekly Active Users to Monthly Active Users. Total users who successfully placed at least one order per week over total users who successfully placed at least one order per month.

Order Completion Rate

Order completion rate is the percent of deliveries complete out of the 100 most recent delivery opportunities accepted by the driver partners.

Order Acceptance Rate

Acceptance Rate is the percent of deliveries accepted out of the 100 most recent delivery opportunities presented to the driver partners.